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Kogaku Ryuha


What is Kogaku Ryuha?, first let us start with the name Kogaku, which translated means Classical studies. Ryuha means school. So Kogaku Ryuha simply means a school of classical studies, With in the fabric of Kogaku Ryuha the disciplines taught are Toyama Ryu Morinaga ha Iaido, Mugai Ryu, Shindo munen ryu, Houki ryu, Kenjutsu, Nihon Kobudo  


Kyoshi Aloe has a culmination of 5 decades of martial arts experience, influenced by his past teachers and professors. His foundation of strong basics, structurally sound techniques, and a deep understanding of heihou no michi (the way of strategy,) provides a unique learning experience for students. Aloe Sensei is a "Jikisan-hatamotos" (Direct disciple of Atushi Shimojo Soke) and is the So-Shibucho director of the United States for the Dai Nippon Iaido Kyokai, and the Kokusai Budo Koryu Kyokai (Uiji Japan) . 



Reishiki or Etiquette


Our studies follow a very strong code of conduct, embellishing Reishiki as was adhered to in the old koryu schools (pre 1866.)


Through the study of Kogaku Ryuha the students will unequivocally have a chance to realize not only a unification of mind, body, and spirit. But also a unity of East and West, as well as a union of humanity with the way of the universe.


We are a closed organization, and any serious traditional martial artist or dojo wanting either affiliation or cross training must study the arts within Kogaku Ryuha. If you are interested in becoming a state or international representative, please contact Aloe Sensei at




Kokusai Bugei Kessha
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