Kogaku Ryuha


What is Kogaku Ryuha?, first let us start with the name Kogaku, which translated means Classical studies. Ryuha means school. So Kogaku Ryuha simply means a school of classical studies, With in the fabric of Kogaku Ryuha the disciplines taught are Toyama Ryu Morinaga ha Iaido, Mugai Ryu Shindo munen ryu,/Kenjutsu, Nihon Kobudo  


Kyoshi Aloe has a culmination of 5 decades of martial arts experience, influenced by his past teachers and professors. His foundation of strong basics, structurally sound techniques, and a deep understanding of heihou no michi (the way of strategy,) provides a unique learning experience for students. Aloe Sensei was a "Jikisan-hatamotos" (Direct disciple of Atushi Shimojo Soke) and was  the So-Shibucho director of the United States for the Dai Nippon Iaido Kyokai, and the Kokusai Budo Koryu Kyokai (Uiji Japan) . 



Reishiki or Etiquette


Our studies follow a very strong code of conduct, embellishing Reishiki as was adhered to in the old koryu schools (pre 1866.)


Through the study of Kogaku Ryuha the students will unequivocally have a chance to realize not only a unification of mind, body, and spirit. But also a unity of East and West, as well as a union of humanity with the way of the universe.


We are a closed organization, and any serious traditional martial artist or dojo wanting either affiliation or cross training must study the arts within Kogaku Ryuha. If you are interested in becoming a state or international representative, please contact Aloe Sensei at bugeiusa@aol.com.




Kokusai Bugei Kessha